3 … 2 .. 1 …

It’s almost mandatory that a new blog or website be started with an introductory post. Well quite simply I am giving this another go. Writing is an outlet for me, something I enjoy and through this, perhaps something I can share. I did previously have a blog on WordPress entitled SeventhChronicles (www.seventhchronicles.wordpress.com), but unfortunately I lost my password along with every and any means of recovering it. So I am wiping the slate clean and starting again.

This blog doesn’t have a single unified theme that seems to be the success of many a blog. Instead it will jump between whatever is in my head to stories, poems, my travels and adventures and a whole menagerie of scraps and ideas. And despite the fact I feel the following sentence should contain an inspirational quote, I have no pearls of wisdom to offer you just yet.

So please, make yourself at home, get comfortable and join me for the coming tide.


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