A Letter to Myself Five Years in the Future

I recently stumbled across this idea whilst reading from one of my subscriptions on WeChat. It caught my attention as something that might be fun to do. So rolling off of the top of my head, here we go!


Dear future me,

How’s it going? I can only imagine a lot has changed, or at least I hope it has, otherwise we’ve made a few poor judgements along the way. I’m very curious to see where we’ve landed, where we are living, what we are doing and who we are doing it with. Has there been love or loss? Triumphs or failures? All these questions you can answer now, its a pretty exciting thought. Five years is a long time, by then we’ll be thirty, a thought that sends a little shiver down my spine. No matter how hard I try, I can’t help but feel thirty is old. Of course in actuality, its not, but I’ve never really imagined us as being thirty! It seems almost alien.

Do we have a home? I’m pretty sure we’ll still be in China, I’m enjoying it here too much at the moment to warrant leaving. Although I can only imagine that by this time we will have explored a great deal more of it. Whilst we are on the topic of China, I truly hope we’ve pulled our socks up and mastered, or at least gotten close to mastering Mandarin, how else could we expect to survive otherwise? What’s our apartment like? Is it even an apartment that we live in? Are we alone, preferably, unless we are in one very serious relationship? Its all very much a great mystery at the moment. I’m a little jealous that you have all the answers. Although, at the same time I’m in no rush to get there.

Are we married? Marriage! What a strange idea that one is. I’ve never put much stock in it, but by the time we are thirty could that all have changed? Could we have met someone who changed that idea for us? What kind of person would it take to change that? That’s the truly fascinating conundrum. She’d have to be one hell of a woman to convince me to take that plunge. I’m beside myself with curiosity, what does she look like? But before I get to carried away, there is the very really possibility we won’t be in this position at all. Moving on!

Where are we working and who for? Have we been, at any point, struck with a life altering epiphany that has led us to say start our own business or travel the world volunteering perhaps?  Or did we just drag our heels? I hope not, I’d be awfully disappointed in us if that was the case.One thing I can almost say with a sense of almost complete certainty is that by now, we shouldn’t be teaching anymore. I do enjoy the job, but I don’t feel as though it will ever by my final career path, and being me, I’m sure will feel the same way. But again there is always that chance that we will never leave the profession, due to circumstance or maybe even a new found love for the job.

Of course everything that has been mentioned is pure speculation. But is intriguing none the well. This letter I’ve written you has been a little self centred. But we can’t go on talking about family and friends and everyone’s adventures otherwise will we have missed our own and I’ll wake up one day, a thirty year old man with a long list of stories that aren’t  my own. All I can say for now is good luck in the future, I hope we are doing well!


Yours Faithfully,




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