Blogging 201: Nailing down your goals

I recently applied for one of three free courses being run and delivered by WordPress. In this instance the course is designed to give your blog focus and teach you how to build and develop a brand, skills I feel will be useful both here and in the future. So what is the first step along this process? Step one is defining the goals of your blog; what you hope to accomplish and achieve.

Firstly I need to consider what this platform is all about. Basically it boils down to a place where I can express myself, my thoughts and feelings and generally just write about what I want to write about. But there other facets I would like to engage with. I would very much like to create a space that harbours and encourages discussion. Of course this would need to be a friendly, non-judgemental and non-bias place. I wouldn’t want to limit discussion or prevent people from putting their opinion across. But at the same time there is no reason to attack anyone for their opinion, not all of us are keyboard warriors, seeking to create conflict for no good reason, after all. For this to happen however, I’d need a much larger and active readership. It would also fall to me to provide enough interesting stimulus to get these debates rolling.

These desire can be broken down into quantifiable and tangible goals. Translating them however forces you to measure your own ideas of success and put yourself out there, so to speak. If for example you state your goal is to increase your readership by a given percentage by a given date, you very much make yourself accountable for that goals success or failure. It feels a tad daunting, but presents, at the same time, a fantastic learning opportunity. If you are met with failure you can ask yourself why? What could I have done to achieve that goal? What didn’t I do? If you are met with success there are still questions to be asked, like: how can I move forward and/or continue to grow? Now that I have achieved what I want, do I still want the same things? What more can I do?

The task states you should set three goals, so here it goes:

  1. Increase my readership by 20% by February.
  2. Increase commenting and participation by the same date.
  3. Publish/Post at least twice a week.
  4. (Bonus) If at all possible, post a Guest post once a month, or at least just one.

These goals will not only make me accountable to myself, but to those who may choose to read what I will come to write. I’m looking forward to seeing what else this course has to offer and to improving this little blog of mine.


2 thoughts on “Blogging 201: Nailing down your goals”

  1. The goals can be daunting for sure! It’s so great that at the same time you look at them as an opportunity…I sort of faltered here and didn’t want to set goals that would ‘stress me out’ …Very articulately stated! Good luck in achieving your goals! 🙂


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