Feeling Blessed

You’ll have to excuse the some what cheesy title, but at the current moment I find myself in an odd mood, following strange lines on inquiry in this crazy mind of mine. But it’s not as bad as it may sound, or indeed as it may appear. At the tail end of these trains of thought, I have repeatedly found a smile, well more of a smirk in fact, awaiting me, positively uncontrollable I’m afraid.

So what has inspired this rather nonsensical post? Well a number of things. Firstly, I set a goal to post at least twice a week, so even if it does turn out to be nonsense, at least that goal is met and more importantly I am still writing. Secondly, recently I’ve been watching a series of uplifting films, like Disney films and oddly Southpaw, which you may not consider uplifting. But at its core, the story is about a man’s struggle to turn his life around and regain what he had lost. A pretty noble cause if you ask me. Finally, I suppose the whole cliché of reflection that is very common place towards the ending of a year is also partly to blame for this unedited stream of consciousness onto this very blank page. I’m not sure if it’s culture, or something more innate that causes us to look back, but try as we might, we can’t avoid it. Of course there are the famous notions, and well founded notions, of the lessons we can learn for the past, but this form of reflection seems to hold another purpose.

Perhaps we are looking for a way to justify our actions, or to justify the position we find ourselves in when the clock strikes twelve and the bells call out to us. Was it all worth it, could I have done better, been more? Perhaps it’s simply a matter of observation, a method of comprehension and understanding. We look back to discover the how and the why, the reasons for why we are where we are and how we acted. Maybe it’s just an exercise to better understand ourselves. After all, not matter how much you plan, living is very much more a reactionary game then anything else.

The conclusion of my reflections? I do feel blessed. Now I feel it’s important to understand that I’m not truly a religious man, so when I say blessed, I doesn’t quite carry any such religious connotations. What I mean is that I have my health, my family and my friends, both new and old. I’ve embraced a fantastic opportunity to move to the other side of the world. I’ve met many challenges, some of which I have overcome, and others that have taught me lessons. I may not be entirely satisfied with everything, like my living arrangements, for example. But, on the other hand, I’m grateful that I do have somewhere to live, somewhere to rest my weary head in relative comfort. Quite simply, I have enough, and it’s a real joy, pleasure and privilege to mutter those words. As the new year approaches it is always a good time to reflect on what you’ve achieved and to search through your past for the lessons waiting there to be learned. So I encourage you to take some time and do just that, reflect. Although I’m more than certain, your mind will wonder those corridors whether you want it to or not.


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