A New Year, A New Me? Well the Same Me, or at least Not the Old Me.

Here we are, standing at the precipice, timidly looking over the edge into the great abyss, the bleak never ending unknown. Filled with hope, desire, excitement or perhaps trepidation, taking the plunge is not a choice left to us. As we nervously look towards our futures, the restless pendulum of time, forever swinging, edges us ever closer. Whether we like it or not the new year is arriving, and it’s here to stay.

It seems almost obligatory these days, to end the year on a note of reflection. However I seem to have committed a slight faux pas, in that a wrote about my reflections a little prematurely. Although you can still check them out here. This year will be slightly different, in that I won’t be setting any resolutions for myself. In the background I can hear a great sigh of relief coming from some of you. I always seem to find around the new year the developed world (I say this because I believe some parts of the world have slightly larger problems) splits into two camps, those ferociously posting comments and memes around the notion of a new year, a new me is all a load of rubbish. The other camp taking time to set a list of goals they optimistically hope to achieve in the coming year. Then, for a period of time, these two tribes do indeed go to war.

Putting that all aside, I’m not stating that I do not wish to optimistic, in fact it couldn’t be further from the case. At the same time, I don’t wish to promise myself I’ll eat better or healthier food, or that I’ll spend everyday in the gym sculpting iron clad abs. Instead I wish to leave the year a little more open, to take the hand of fate or destiny, so to speak, and see where it chooses to take me. I cannot predict the future, nor am I willing just to idly sit by and watch the world unfold before me. But I have yet to conjure a resolution in my mind that honestly feels worthwhile. Sure the goals that people do produce will effect their life in some way, more than likely it’ll be in  a positive way. But these goals or resolutions certainly don’t feel special or in any way monumental. They can be decided upon at any time of the year, and that’s what takes the real magic out of them. So until I can think of something worthy of the occasion, I feel it’s best that I graciously bow out of proceedings.

Having said that, this air of self-improvement is almost inescapable. Of course we are expecting gyms to be packed, diets to be launched and all manner of things to be undertaken against a backdrop of eye rolling from those who believe it won’t last. In my opinion, no matter how brief, any measure or attempt to indulge yourself in self-improvement is time well spent. I salute you all. I understand, sometimes life does get in the way, and resolutions become less important or just crumble away. It’s not a reason to abandon them all together. I haven’t abandoned them, I just haven’t found the right one(s). If you do wish to start the year as you mean to go on, then surely a sprinkling of optimism and energy are the right way to go about it. So I implore you to make you resolutions and nail them to you front door for the world to see, embrace the tradition and become that all-elusive new you, after all, you can’t go back to being the old you.


Have a Happy New Year and I wish you all the luck in the world.


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