I Guess that Makes me a Writer?

Today has been a great day, so great a day in fact I can hardly contain myself! On this day, I took my first intrepid steps on a three month quest that I believe will prove to be the making of me. What am I wittering on about? Today was the first day of my internship at the prestigious publication: That’s Mags.

Whilst I often muse about the fact my life has lacked all measure of direction, (well most of the time it does) this will be an incredible opportunity to determine whether I have what I takes to really write interesting and engaging stuff. I know in this day and age there are hundreds of ways to crave out a path in writing, captain and champion your own career and determine your own rules. But what a way to hone and practice your craft! For the next three months I’ll be in the company of seasoned and talented writers. They will be there to lend a hand, an ear and their advice, all of which will be greatly received and appreciated. Assuming of course they don’t get sick of me. Whilst there truly is no supplement for just shear practice, but it is not often you will have the chance to experience this level of feedback.

Aside from being allowed to enter this fountain of knowledge, I can also appreciate the smaller things. Take for instance the proximity of the office to my current abode, only four stops on the metro. Or the fact I’ll be able to engage more directly and get to know this city, Shanghai, much better. You’d be hard pressed to think of any real disadvantages, and as you can imagine, none are coming to mind.

Although it is still only early days, I have had the pleasure of publishing my first article for an actual publications, which you can find right here. (Be sure to let me know what you think!) Something I wasn’t expecting to do so soon. Normally it seems, interns are expected to photocopy their soul away before being allowed to do anything related to their field.

So I leave you now, a jolly and happy man, looking forward to an excellent start in this new year, here’s to 2016, year of the Monkey.


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