Taking it One Word at a Time

Whilst my tenure as a modern day Clark Kent continues, it feels like as good a time as any to reflect on what I have achieved, experienced and a little I’ve learnt so far. Sure, I may only be a month or so into a three month long (assuming they want to keep me on) internship, but that is neither here nor there.

What have I achieved?

Achievement can be hard to pin down sometimes, there are of course more overt measures, like the growing list of articles I have published online, a record breaking 10! Having said that, perhaps record setting is a more appropriate term, as they are the very first 10. A growing list that can be found here.

But other measures of success and achievement a more relative in scope and scale, more personal. What one individual may consider a roaring success another may see as completely mundane, does a marathon runner celebrate running their first mile without taking a break for example?

Personally, hitting 10 articles in a month or so is massive to me, perhaps not much for more established writers, but we all have to start somewhere. Making small strides in my confidence through this internship is another small achievement for me. I’ve been thrown/volunteered for tasks I have had no prior experience with, in a mostly sink or swim-esque trial by fire, for the most part I’ve come out pretty unscathed, if not entirely so.

What have I experienced?

In the interest of brevity (I could go on and on about all three bold subtitles) I’ll speak in larger brush strokes. As I just mentioned, so far in this little adventure of mine, I’ve encountered some things that were entirely new to me, like testing out services and treatments or new menus before writing them up – cryotherapy being the obvious choice, a unique experience in and of itself. I’ve very much, and do still, experienced highs and lows depending on the view count my articles received, or the gut wrenching wait to find out if what I’d written was good enough. Not everything I have written has made the cut, for one reason or another, whether that be editing queues or perhaps in some cases substandard work, but in most of these instances I’ll never know. This is also the first time I’ve really had an office job, not bad at 25 right? But that’s been interesting all on its own, thankfully everyone gets on well and works together well towards a common goal, sounds a bit cliché I know, but its still true.

What have I learnt?

The process of learning is still on-going. Some of what I’ve learnt so far may seem like very basic journalist practice, but having no prior journalistic experience, I think I deserve a little slack here. Not only am I learning what is necessary to produce a catchy and engaging article for the adoring public, but I’m also learning a little about myself (I know, I know cheesy inspirational music and all that). Most importantly I’m learning that maybe just maybe I’m not that bad a writer, that people like to read what I write and just maybe I could be good at this, but that is all yet to be seen, after all it is very early doors.

So there you have it, a rather brief (and a tad vague) look into my writing escapade. Here’s to the next two months!



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