More Than Just Man’s Best Friend

Dogs, you can never really understand them until you’ve owned one or two … or a few. But more recently my larger family as a whole has suffered the unbearable loss of three, succumbing to old age, as we all must do, and one horrific accident.

For as long as I can remember there have been dogs in my family, my father had Astro, a German Shepard whilst he was in the Royal Air Force (R.A.F), for a time we looked after a small dog named Jack, who wrote me a letter to say good-bye when I was just  a boy. After that we had George and Hamish a Golden Retriever and Black Labrador respectively, but they too grew old and gave over to the passing of time. Now, back on the other side of the world Jasper (also a Black Lab) lays somewhere comfortably at home, usually wherever he sees fit, after all, it becomes apparent after a while that you are in fact living in your home by the good graces of the family pet, who permits you to stay, it was never your house at all.

Even out here in the Middle Kingdom you can’t escape the appeal of these loveable creatures as they become ever more popular pets, strutting the streets in a way only they can. My Uncle’s Bear doing all he can to receive your perpetual attention.


But that’s the thing about dogs, they infect us, no not with fleas or any other profoundly negative manner, but they really get inside your soul. They understand us, you don’t need scientific proof to see it, they will come to comfort you when you’re sad, they relish in the days you’re in a golden mood, they love you unconditionally. All this, all this is what makes it truly unbearable when it comes time to part ways.

The unfortunate and inescapable truth is that we humans outlive dogs by a fair old stretch; it becomes inevitable at one point or another that you’ll have to say good-bye.

To say its heartbreaking doesn’t really being to comprehend the pain that accompanies such a loss, you see dogs are more than just pets, they swiftly become part of the family and will forever stay there. Putting aside the fact they are pack animals, and that’s all families are, large roaming packs, the simple fact is you love them unconditionally too, regardless of how many times they pull up the carpet or rip down your curtains, sure you’ll be angry for a while, but it always subsides and is replaced by the unmistakable love for your canine companion.

There will be plenty of people out there who can relate to this, and there will also be cat people … I mean what is that? (Each to their own) But there isn’t anything quite like the bond between a man (or woman) and their dog.

What’s worse is sometimes there’s just one left behind to reel in the loss of their closest companions. It’s difficult to express just how I feel for Disel, having lost both her sisters in much too quick a succession. It’s undeniable that dogs possess a high level of emotional intelligence and must experience emotions themselves, although it may not be in the exact same manner. I hope in some small way she can move on and enjoy the rest of her life being spoilt rotten and being lavished in all the attention this family can afford.

I don’t really have much to say in terms of closing remarks, only what has already been said. Dogs are positively invasive, they come to encompass everything you are, they miss you just as much as you miss them and are never anything but overjoyed to see you walk through the door at the end of a tiring long day. They want nothing more than to curl up in your lap and let you know everything will be ok (so long as you feed them). All they want to do is to protect you, just as all you want is to keep them safe, truly its a mutual bond of trust, respect and love, one that can be difficult to emulate or find in people.

Here’s a tribute to the beautiful souls that will be sorely missed: Kizzy, Meko and Wesley –After all, as we all know, all dogs go to heaven.



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