The Time to Write

As you may or may not be aware, I have thrown down the gauntlet and challenged myself to write 1000 words a day in the pursuit of becoming a better writer.

At present I can foresee one of the major challenges is going to be finding the time, and the right time to write.

When is the ‘best time to write’?

Whilst some people jump up, all energised and fresh faced out of bed, at all kinds of seemingly absurd hours in the morning, others prefer to burn the midnight oil, pondering life’s great mysteries by the fire with their pipe and slippers.

Until recently, I believed myself to be camped firmly in the latter group, unable to let my thoughts run loose during the day. However, since embarking on this intership I have been almost forced to adapt as the majority of what I write is now produced during the day. Throwing the question of when is the best time for me to write completely on its head.

There are two ways to examine this conundrum, either this means I’ll wander, lost, through the corridors of my own mind at nondescript times, unable to produce anything of note or worth without that golden window in which genius is bound to hit me … right? Or it means that really, there isn’t a specific time of the day that is ‘the best time to write’, that in fact the best time to write is when the mood takes you, when you’re struck by that moment of inspiration or idea that you can barely contain within the confounds of your own head. It means that the process of writing is something all together more organic, and whilst you can produce a timetable for your posts and all those good things (mine is now pretty simple – post 1000 words a day, whether that is in one post or seven) that more stringent method may not actually work for you.

Now, if you go read the tips and techniques offered by more experienced and more established bloggers, with astronomical levels of followers, you’ll likely find advice like creating a timetable for publishing, knowing what to write and when you want to publish it will really take the pressure off and let you concentrate more on what you’re going to say. By all means do that, I know that there’s a good chance it’s a method I’ll be adopting in the near future, writing 1000 words a day means I’m going to need a topic or two lined up, which will require me to get more organised and think ahead. But I do think it’s possible to run a successful blog without a greater level of micro-management, so to speak. (Or perhaps, maybe it’s not, if you want to reach the lofty heights of blogging fame, and I just want it to be the case)

Finding the time to write.

There is not doubt we are all busy people, we have other commitments: work, school, studies, friends, family and a whole host of other things to get in the way and tire you out, because we all know one thing, it can really feel like a mountain to climb getting just a few words on paper, especially if your mind, body an soul are all a little too tired at the end of a long day. What’s more, on a slightly more personal note, in one aspect of my life I am writing all day, at my internship that I my main responsibility, sometimes it takes all my energy and the last thing I want to do once I get home is write, sometimes it even feels like I can’t. Aside from that I have my teaching job which can also, at times, be more physically and mentally demanding than you might expect. Working seven days a week can really drag you down at times.

But I am determined, there are enough hours in the day, and I will find the time, whether that means I get to post those words on the day they are written or not, or that they are scribbled in a notepad rather than being furiously typed onto a computer screen, or indeed whether you get to see them at all (not an excuse not to fulfil my quota – although I will just likely post it the next day). It must be done, whether what I have written is complete drivel or a life changing post that would set me apart from the thousands of other bloggers, even if it  was for just a second or two.

So when will I write? After work, before work, on my commute, on my lunch break, I’ll squeeze it in at any and every possible moment, some days I’ll have ample time to meander across a page, lazily plucking out a word here and there, whilst others will be a hurried dash just to stay on the righteous path of my self-imposed personal development.

The Next Step

As you may have noticed, at the moment here I’m all about taking the next step. So what does the neat future have in store? I will need to develop a publishing timetable full to the brim with topics ranging from anything to everything, literally anything I can think of to keep up with demand. This may see me expanding into different areas and expanding my discussions, trying to develop new weekly features, reading wider to become more informed about the topics I engage with. It may see me writing more about my experiences as a teacher, writing short stories, poetry or other forms of media. It may mean I’ll begin writing about things I enjoy, like gaming or taking a look into the art world, something I have always wanted to do. Finally it may mean I start to seek out people to interview, to bring people’s thoughts, feelings and insights right here on my very own little slice of the internet.

We’ll all just have to wait and see!

[Image(s) from Wonderful Engineering]


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