First Time Freelancing

I’ve officially made it … sort of. This is my first outing as a freelance writer, but with a slight twist.

There was no contract negotiation or quarrels over pay. There was no impending deadline (although the turn around was professional) and no clients chasing me for the finished project.

In a sense this was a soft opening, the article I wrote was for someone I know pretty well, which took the pressure off a little. But it’s never totally gone, what I wrote will ultimately reflect my ability and the image of that company.

Without any further introduction you can find the article here! Let me know what you think in the comments below, any constructive feedback would be greatly appreciated.

[Image(s) from Careermetis]


3 thoughts on “First Time Freelancing”

  1. There was a unanimous vote that the stimulus package would be available on-line for 48 hours after the bill was filed before a vote, but it wasn’t. If I did not have a measure of conefdince in Obama, I wouldn’t vote for such a giant stimulous package either, simply because it was so rushed. I think he should have released a 1000 page package at least a week before the vote.


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