Perceptions of Beauty: East vs West

Continuing the current theme of discussions regarding the standards of beauty throughout the world and in Asia (China), here I aim to draw your attention towards a video recently released.

Panda Guides through one of their many WeChat groups regularly posts a series called Laowai Adventures seemingly running out of Beijing. The videos often try to tackle cultural topics and differences, interviewing and consulting with individuals from both the East and West.

This week, they decided to go for … you guessed it, beauty! More specifically in a video entitled: Laowai Adventures Survey: How Beauty Differs Between East & West they took to the streets of Beijing equipped with a camera and 18 celebrity photos (9 from the west and 9 from the east). They proceed to ask citizens of the East for their opinions about the western female celebrities on show and vice versa. (They promise to do a male celeb version soon).

To find out what happened follow the link.

Let me know what you think of the video and your views on the topic below.

[Image(s) from Chinatravelgo]



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