Theresa May – The UK’s Next Prime Minister

In a parliamentary race that saw potential candidates seemingly drop like flies, Theresa May (the current UK Home Secretary) has become the United Kingdom’s (UK) second female Prime Minister.

Stating she was “honoured and humbled” whilst promising to “make Britain better” as well as facilitating a smooth and favourable exit outcome for the UK from the European Union (EU), May is set to take over from David Cameron who has occupied the highest office on UK politics since 2010. In the exceptionally short campaign to become the Tory party leader and next PM May was pegged as a ‘serious person for serious times’ and a safe pair of hands in such uncharted and unprecedented times.

In turn fending of competition from Michael Gove (UK Justice Secretary).  Who after initially planning on backing former London Mayor Boris Johnson publicly stated his reservations for pursing this course and announced his own candidacy. Andrea Leadsom (Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change) a clear Leave campaigner, Stephen Crabb (Work and Pensions Secretary)  who was opposed to the legalisation of gay marriage and believes to resolve the problems facing the benefits system, recipients need to change their current attitudes and finally from Liam Fox (former Defence Secretary) who believes NATO is the core pillar of Britain’s national defence whilst opposing any involvement of the EU in military matters. Although they didn’t quite fall in that order.

So what does this mean for the UK and will Theresa May be a good match for country? Especially in such an unprecedented time in the country’s history.

Well frankly we will just have to wait and see. Theresa May has, since 2010, held down the often controversial position of Home Secretary, which regularly involves making the hard choice, and ones that are not always especially popular. One decision we do certainly know about however, is the new PM’s claim that “Brexit means Brexit”,  meaning in no uncertain terms that there will be no attempts made to alter this course, Britain is heading out. Alongside this she has stated the Conservative Party, under her stewardship will look to support the everyday people of the island nation, making Britain a place “that works for everyone”.

But restoring the electorates faith in politics is going to be no small feat, and whether such faith can even be restored is a question that has hung heavily on the shoulders of consecutive governments for some time now. A feat that will now be matched equally be the apparent divides brought to the fore by the Brexit vote and the need to ‘heal the wounds’ and unite the country.

In any case we wish her the best of luck, the road ahead is certainly rocky, and only time will tell if she has chosen an effective cabinet to support her and whether she can lead the United Kingdom safely through the Brexit negotiations.

(Image(s) from The JC)


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