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I Wonder …? Are you Setting your Resolutions?

This week is close to, or exactly what you might expect in terms of questions and discussion. As the New Year dawns, I want to know:

If you are making any resolutions this year?

What are they?

How do you feel about ‘A New Year, a New Me’?

Leave a comment and let me know, get the discussion going!


I Wonder …? How did you spend your Christmas Day?

Firstly, Merry Christmas to absolutely everyone, it’s a day to celebrate family and friends and it always passes with a bang.

Secondly, thank you to everyone who took part in the inaugural I Wonder …?

So here we are, the second daring instalment, hold on tight! Staying on the holiday theme, and simply because it is currently Christmas Day. I would like to know, how did you spend your Christmas Day? Where were you? Who were you with? What did jolly old Saint Nick/Santa Claus bring you? Let me and everyone else know in the comments below.


Merry Christmas!!!

I Wonder…? When is Christmas well, Christmas?

There comes a certain time each year, a particular event, some kind of a sign or feeling, one magical occurrence or special memory that makes Christmas really feel like Christmas. I think that this moment must differ from person to person, at least to some degree and that’s what we are going to find out!

For me, the moment Christmas truly arrives is when I see and hear it on television. The first time is see that fabled convoy of Coca-Cola Christmas lorries (or trucks) rolling through that snow covered village, set to the joyful singing of “Holidays are coming”, I know in my heart, that Christmas has arrived.

christmas coke

So I leave the floor open to you, when does Christmas arrive for you? Why? What makes that signal so special to you? Please feel free to comment below and get the snowball rolling!