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Steve Says …. Let Me Entertain You

On the 18th of June Hypno-Comedian Steve NanaWusu once again stormed the stage  at The Pearl Theatre, Shanghai.

Much like his last favoured outing, this highly anticipated follow up came loaded with a few surprises and a host of mesmerising new material, including what can only be described as some Derren Brown level mind magic. This time round the audience witnessed a cornucopia of intense sub-conscious reactions to Steve’s hilariously engineered prompts and ques; from telling one participant that he was a complete Adonis registering at a solid 30 out of 10, leading to some memorable moments of puppy love and declarations Steve’s wife would never find out (a quick congratulations to the newly wed couple!), to the polar opposite of complete repulsion whenever another participant simply shook the host’s hand. From one individual who was surrounded by a swarm of imagined hungry mosquitoes to another who was convinced his name was E-I-E-I-OH and was nothing but upset if his name was to be mispronounced.

One highlight of the show was the inaugural Steve Say’s Spelling Bee that involved such antics as a woman who needed to pee the more she spelt any word that reminded of her current predicament as well as another individual who couldn’t remember the word or number 7 (who counted on his hands to 10, only to point to his seventh finger to reassure the audience it was in-fact still there). However this event was slightly overshadowed ‘Macaroon Butterfly’ along with another two guys who dug deep to reveal their inner-divas, who, each in-turn brought the audience to tears with brand new levels of sass, cat-walk possess, Miss World-esque interviews and a truly inspiring acceptance speech.

What genuinely makes each show are the brave and open volunteers willing to lay down their inhibitions and (sometimes) dignity on the altar of our entertainment. At any given moment anyone is capable of achieving different levels of trance, although at all times the brain is still entirely in control. This was evidenced by the star of the show, the formally self-titled ‘Macaroon Butterly’. Having received the unanimous vote as the evening’s top performer he took to the stage for an unforgettable performance in which he was told he was utterly in love with Steve’s assistant and (having been instructed he couldn’t touch her) he was to deliver all this overwhelming emotion at once in an exceptionally sincere scene inspired by one of the world’s greatest love stories: Romeo and Juliet.

Aside from this Oscar-worthy performance it was Steve’s final act that left the audience collectively searching for their jaws, having simultaneously hit the ground. Through a series of subliminal messages and some very simple mathematics (requiring everyone to take out their phones …. including me) and through a series of free choices, random audience members invariably added two numbers together to reveal the date the show was delivered on. The clincher? The very same number had been safely secure and sat in a sealed with a randomly chosen audience member. How? I’ll never know, but heck it was impressive!

Still not convinced you missed out? Don’t just take my word for it, here are a few post show impression from the crowd:

Julie – ” I’ve been to several of Steve’s shows and each one has topped the one before. He is an amazing showman and the ‘control’ he has over the volunteers is incredible to see. The show is always absolutely hilarious!”

Jess – “An amazing performance as always by Steve (and those hypnotised of course!) Not one part of the show failed to make me laugh, and his newest material had me in stitches. Such a unique and memorable way to spend a Saturday evening!”

Sinead – “Steven’s show was such an exciting experience. This was my second time attending and it was still hilarious, keeping me on the edge of my seat a each act was topped by the last. It was a truly wonderful evening. I look forward to more shows from this talented guy!”

Fortunately for all those who missed this spectacle are being given yet another chance to enjoy an experience you’ve not quite ever encountered yet at The Pearl this August, with Steve confirming his next show will be arriving on the 13th of said month. So keep you ears to the ground, ticket information is on its way.