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The Inconvenience of Inspiration

Everyone who claims to be or considers themselves to be creative (and even those who don’t) are perpetually in search of that elusive light bulb idea. That one eureka moment that will propel them towards any manner of recognition or success.

Whether its your next painting, poem, blog post or business idea, inspiration is what we crave. I’m no different in this unending quest, but I appear to have developed a much more love/hate relationship when it comes to the notion of inspiration and I’ll tell you why.

I do happily get the odd flash of genius/inspiration, but every time I do so it always seems to arrive at the most inconvenient of moments. I’m sure I’m not alone in this frustration, whenever you don’t have a pen to hand to jot your idea(s) down, whenever you’re attention is truly needed elsewhere … etc. For me, all my ideas seem to form in the shower,  in this scenario there’s no possible measure for me to record these scraps of information or ideas that consistently float gently, seemingly on some invisible wind, in one ear and rapidly out the other. It’s almost like the giant ball of cash at the end of Crystal Maze (if you remember that, or know what it is … google it) except I don’t get to keep the money.

And here in lies the real inconvenience of inspiration. Much like that wonderful dream you were having you can never remember what you were thinking of. Despite all your best efforts, no matter how hard you try, you can never recall a thing not one tiny incy wincy morsel. These ideas your mind generates, these little gems possess, much to your own detriment, an incredibly short life span. So short in fact that by the time I’m out of the shower nothing remains but a faint glimpse, a feeling that for a moment I had all the ideas I’d ever have needed. But as quickly as they had appeared, they had vanished and I’m forced to resign myself to the fact that those ideas are gone forever. Although you may again, one day, conjure up something similar, it’ll never be exactly the same or sometimes even that close to its predecessors.

All is not lost, some of these ideas do emerge at the right time. Maybe that’s just how it goes, perhaps it’s destined, it’s meant to be or it’s fate. If you believe in all that than you can take some real comfort in knowing the ideas you are meant for will find you when you’re ready for them. For the rest of us, it’s just a matter of frustration after frustration until we hit a little streak of luck, and all the ideas we do need rush over us like a wave of brilliance just at the very moment we decide to pick up that pen.

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Feeling Blessed

You’ll have to excuse the some what cheesy title, but at the current moment I find myself in an odd mood, following strange lines on inquiry in this crazy mind of mine. But it’s not as bad as it may sound, or indeed as it may appear. At the tail end of these trains of thought, I have repeatedly found a smile, well more of a smirk in fact, awaiting me, positively uncontrollable I’m afraid.

So what has inspired this rather nonsensical post? Well a number of things. Firstly, I set a goal to post at least twice a week, so even if it does turn out to be nonsense, at least that goal is met and more importantly I am still writing. Secondly, recently I’ve been watching a series of uplifting films, like Disney films and oddly Southpaw, which you may not consider uplifting. But at its core, the story is about a man’s struggle to turn his life around and regain what he had lost. A pretty noble cause if you ask me. Finally, I suppose the whole cliché of reflection that is very common place towards the ending of a year is also partly to blame for this unedited stream of consciousness onto this very blank page. I’m not sure if it’s culture, or something more innate that causes us to look back, but try as we might, we can’t avoid it. Of course there are the famous notions, and well founded notions, of the lessons we can learn for the past, but this form of reflection seems to hold another purpose.

Perhaps we are looking for a way to justify our actions, or to justify the position we find ourselves in when the clock strikes twelve and the bells call out to us. Was it all worth it, could I have done better, been more? Perhaps it’s simply a matter of observation, a method of comprehension and understanding. We look back to discover the how and the why, the reasons for why we are where we are and how we acted. Maybe it’s just an exercise to better understand ourselves. After all, not matter how much you plan, living is very much more a reactionary game then anything else.

The conclusion of my reflections? I do feel blessed. Now I feel it’s important to understand that I’m not truly a religious man, so when I say blessed, I doesn’t quite carry any such religious connotations. What I mean is that I have my health, my family and my friends, both new and old. I’ve embraced a fantastic opportunity to move to the other side of the world. I’ve met many challenges, some of which I have overcome, and others that have taught me lessons. I may not be entirely satisfied with everything, like my living arrangements, for example. But, on the other hand, I’m grateful that I do have somewhere to live, somewhere to rest my weary head in relative comfort. Quite simply, I have enough, and it’s a real joy, pleasure and privilege to mutter those words. As the new year approaches it is always a good time to reflect on what you’ve achieved and to search through your past for the lessons waiting there to be learned. So I encourage you to take some time and do just that, reflect. Although I’m more than certain, your mind will wonder those corridors whether you want it to or not.